Hosting services

Webspace service: static / dynamic
Domain registation
E-mail service
Backup space
Server rental, management
Colocation, serverhosting
Server monitoring
Real-time domain registration system
SSL webspace

Domain registration

Domain registration
.hu registration   3 000 HUF+VAT/2years
Information / Order
.com, .net, .org, .ws, .us, .info registration   2 800 HUF+VAT/year
Information / Order
more different extensions

Static webspace (not suitable for running scripts (PHP)!)

Service   StaticStart   StaticHobby
Webspace:   100 MB   200 MB
Email addresses:   10 pcs, together 100 MB   20 pcs, together 200 MB
FTP accounts:   10 pcs   20 pcs
PHP 5:   not available   not available
MySQL:   not available   not available
.hu/.com/.eu domain registration:   included   included
Package yearly fee:   7 000 HUF+VAT   8 400 HUF+VAT
One .hu or .com or .eu domain registration and maintenance included!

Dynamic webspace (suitable for running scripts (PHP)!)
Service   DynamicStart   DynamicHobby   DynamicBusiness   DynamicGIGA
Webspace:   100 MB   200 MB   400 MB   1000 MB
Email address:   10 pcs,
100 MB
  20 psc,
200 MB
  40 pcs,
400 MB
1000 MB
FTP accounts:   10 pcs   20 pcs   40 pcs   40 pcs
PHP 5:   available   available   available   available
MySQL:   available   available   available   available
Package yearly fee:   9 500 HUF+VAT   11 200 HUF+VAT   15 500 HUF+VAT   25 000 HUF+VAT
One .hu or .com or .eu domain registration and maintenance included!

All packages include the following services:

• Web-based administration interface
• POP3, IMAP, virus scan, spam filter, SMTP, Webmail accessible over secure HTTPS connection
• Web-based FTP client accessible over HTTP or secure HTTPS connection
• Minimum 100 Mbit or 1 Gbit connection per server
• 99% yearly uptime with money back guarantee
• Statistics (awstats)
• 24 hour technical support via email, constant system monitoring, daily backup
• Unlimited subdomains
• Unlimited email alias (can be configured via web interface)
• Domain accessible via www and without it, free subdomain
• Own error messages, WAP site support, password protected folders (.htaccess), mod_rewrite
• Unlimited traffic
• Secure https connection (SSL) supported

Our servers' uptime is checked by Hyperspin